Tuesday, August 13, 2013

BMW Motorrad and Dainese Collaborate Produces Motorcycle Racing Suits using D-air Protect System Technology

Real Auto Tips. - We know that the motorcycle racer need the best safety racing suit that can protect them when falling or an getting impact. To complete the motorcycle racing suit, BMW Motorrad and Dainese collaborate produces motorcycle racing suits using D-air Protect System technology.

Figure 1. Motorcycle Racing Suit using D-air Protect System Technology (Image:detikoto)

This motorcycle racing suits are equipped also with airbags. When pemotor fall, airbags on the shirt will inflate in seconds. For the first phase of the partnership, they will develop a longer shirt for a motorcycle that made Dainese using D-air System Protect Technology.

The system is made from robust components, since it was developed RaceAir doubler clothes for the motorcycle racer. As reported by detikoto, frocks that currently it is still in the development stage in Munich, Germany. BMW Motorrad plans to introduce and Dainese clothing in the event the EICMA motorcycle exhibition in Milan, Italy in November.

Trials conducted last year Dainese, the result is the clothes get a positive value. BMW judge, the one alternative clothing drive for the users of BMW motorcycles in the world.

And to know more of BMW Motorrad and Dainese Collaborate Produces Motorcycle Racing Suits using D-air Protect System Technology you can watch the video below:

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