Friday, August 2, 2013

Lets Maintenance your Yamaha Motorcycle Carburettor Yourself Easily Before Using for Long Distance

Real Auto Tips. - Because of technology developing, in this time many motorcycle that changed from carburettor system into injection system. With the injection system, it hope that the motorcycle will economic in fuel and more effective and efficiency for using fuel and energy. But we also know that there are also still many motorcycle that still using carburettor system to adjust the fuel consumption. 

Why people still choose carburettor system in their motorcycle? It is maybe, carburettor system using simple system and easy to maintenance and repairing when it is there are some mistake and wrong than using injection system. With injection system when there are many something wrong we must bring our motorcycle to the specialist mechanic to repair our injection system in our motorcycle.

Figure 1. Motorcycle Carburettor Maintenance (Image:Google) 

And if your motorcycle still using carburettor system, you can take maintenance yourself easily before you using your motorcycle for long distance. And if your motorcycle that using carburettor system from Yamaha you can notice some how to maintenance and checking Yamaha carburettor system from Service Advisor Yamaha DDS that quoted by detikoto site.

There are differences to care for injection motor and carburetor and checking how well the two motors of different. Explained that for Yamaha motorcycle carburetor that should be checked as part of the carburetor, pilot jet, main jet, the condition of hoses, such as gasoline hose, vacuum.

For the pilot jet and main jet clogged check there or not and check if the fuel hose is leaking or not. Only that the most important and the general public at all.

So, with check your Yamaha motorcycle carburettor system easily with notice the steps above, you will feel calm when traveling for long distances and you will also be saving money because they do not need to bring your bike to a bike shop to check your Yamaha motorcycle carburetor system.

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