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Simple Wiring Diagram of Transistor Controlled Ignition (TCI) with and without Magnetic Pulser

Real Auto Tips. - There are many modern cars this day using TCI (Transistor Controlled Ignition) and not using CDI (Capacitive Discharge Ignition). Maybe you still confuse what is the difference between TCI and CDI. From the name we can difference easily that CDI using capacitor component and TCI using transistor to control the ignition. 

In modern cars TCI also called with induction system and digitally will controlled by computer. An age ago, TCI Triggered by magnetic pulser that is positioned within the delco or distributor and processed without by a computer system. 

Beside CDI, TCI also change the ignition system from Platinum system that very conventional. Although very conventional but platinum has several advantages as like:
  1. Platinum is much more durable because there is no point of contact with the arc.
  2. Greater ignition.
  3. We can use the former platinum though.
  4. And we also can waste a platinum condenser.
And to make easy to controlled the platinum ignition system changed into TCI and also CDI. And the modern cars using Transistor Controlled System (TCI) not using Capacitive Discharge Ignition (CDI).

And in here we will give simple wiring diagram schematic circuit of Transistor Controlled Ignition (TCI) and also TCI that using Magnetic Pulser.

Wiring Diagram of Simple TCI without Magnetic Pulser

Figure 1. TCI without Magnetic Pulser (Source:ototechnic)
From the TCI without Magnetic Pulser we know that the components that used only Transistor, Resistor and also Capacitor as like in figure 1 above.

Wiring Diagram of TCI using MAgnetic Pulser

Figure 2. TCI with Magnetic Pulser (Source:ototechnic)
From TCI with magnetic pulser beside we using transistor, capacitor,and resistor as like in figure 1, we also still need IC LM358 and also magnetic pulser as like in figure 2 above.

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  1. Friend, you can not see the values of the resistors in the scheme, because you posted the diagram with a very small, low resolution. Please enter these values. Thank you and a big hug.

    Decio Silva


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