Friday, August 2, 2013

Tips on How to Drive the Car in the Night Carefully

Real Auto Tips. - There many activities that make us must to drive our car in the night. And we know that drive our car in the night more dangerous than we drive our car in the daylight. In the night when we drive our car it make some risk as like we will get the fatigue and disruption caused by the lights of the car opposite. So we must be careful when we must drive our car in the night.

In this time we want to share with about some tips on how to drive the car in the night carefully that we get from Otosia site. And here some tips on how to drive the car in the night carefully as follow:
Figure 1. Drive in The Night Illustration (Image:otosia)
  1. First you have to make sure the condition of the lights, small lights, turn signal and brake lights in good working order. Irradiation of the prime components will help to facilitate travel and other vehicles to see where your car. And next is do not forget to bring a spare bulb and fuse to anticipated damage to the lights and the electrical system of your car.
  2. Both are clear glass windows and glass lamps. The dirty glass window can refract glare. While the dirty glass lamp light beam blocking effectiveness. If the street lights still make the eyes glare, you can take advantage of the sun visor as a barrier.
  3. The third is that you do not let the eyes continued to stare ahead. Move your eyes to different directions in order to stay awake. To prevent eye glare because the headlights of contrast direction, turned the eyes for a moment, then gave the signal to turn on the lights 'dim', for the driver to turn off the car in front of the headlights. Stay out of the lights, as it will make things worse. If necessary, buy a quality driving glasses.
  4. Fourth is the final notice Adjust speed and road markings, but do not look at him directly so that concentration is not broken. Do not drive too fast at night, not necessarily fit your physical condition and have a fast response when faced with an unexpected situation. Give distance from the car in front, so you have time to react when something untoward happens.
And we hope with the Tips on How to Drive the Car in the Night Carefully that we given to you will make you always safely when you drive your car in the night.

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