Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Toyota Yaris Hybrid R is Present as Environmentally Friendly Cars and Powered

Real Auto Tips. - Japanese car manufacturer, Toyota tried to bring it through Yaris Hybrid R that is not only environmentally friendly, but are also able to satisfy the desire for speed lovers. With Yaris Hybrid R, Toyota car present daily hybrid car capable of spraying power up to 400 hp.

As reported by OTOMOTIFNET that Toyota Yaris Hybrid R-based body of New Yaris developed by Toyota Motorsport with GRE combines a 1.6-liter engine and two powerful electric motor unit. As a result the power of 400 hp capable generated.

Figure 1. Toyota Yaris Hybrid R (Image:otomotifnet)

In addition, the technology also planted taken from Le Mans endurance race cars, Toyota TS030 Hybrid, including the super-capacitor technology that can re-energize the battery during braking.

Party Toyota said if the figure Yaris Hybrid-R is a machine that focuses on the design to provide maximum driving pleasure on the track and road racing.

For the record, at the Frankfurt Motor Show 2013, Toyota will also display vehicle fuel cells in preparation for mass production of their hydrogen engines in 2015. So you must be patient to wait the Toyota Yaris Hybrid R to launched and sell to the user.

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