Sunday, December 29, 2013

Fake Brake Makes Brake Sticky After Washing on Car

RealAutoTips. - maybe you must be careful when you use fake brake. It is because fake brake can make our car brake sticky specially after we wash our car. Shall you ever get this condition before? you can think also that it is caused your brake is fake.

Figure 1. Fake Brake Illustration (Source:Detikoto) 

After washing if not run again next brake attached and always have to be cleaned first and normal. Removable front tires and brake discs must be cleaned and is very troublesome. You can check that your brake is fake.

This is likely the result of spare parts is not genuine (not the original). Because of this problem is very rare and in workshops I have never found it.

Maybe you also will ask, And what about the soapy water? Can it be made ​​into a sticky brake disc. When viewed from its own spare parts, it has a design that is very easy to open water or soapy water entering into it. But as long as the use of genuine spare parts should not have any problems.

Because there are genuine spare parts of their chemical compounds that make sticky (although exposed soapy water). But everything can happen because the original is not spare part. So you must be careful now to use fake brake on your car. Please use genuine spare part for your car to make your car normally work. (source:detikoto)

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