Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Basic Principles Injection Systems of Yamaha Motor

RealAutoTips. - Now there are many motorcycle that completed with injection system. Injection system used to manage the fuel in order to economic and efficient. The motorcycle that has been using injection system in their product as like Honda motor, Yamaha motor, etc. And in this time we want show you about basic principles Injection System of Yamaha motor

Illustration (Detikoto)

Until now, almost 95 percent of Yamaha motorcycles in Indonesia has been using injection technology or known as YMJET-FI. In Yamaha motor, there are some basic factors in how the Yamaha injection system, including the Throttle Position Sensor, Intake Air Pressure Sensor, Intake Air Temperature Sensor, Crankshaft Position Sensor, Coolant / Oil Temperature Sensor and Oxygen Sensor.

The functions of each of these factors, Throttle Position Sensor for use to determine the position of the gas, Intake Air Pressure Sensor to determine the pressure of the incoming air, Intake Air Temperature sensor for detecting the temperature of the air going into the combustion chamber.

To Crankshaft Position Sensor is itself a sensor that will determine each crankshaft. Coolant / Oil Temperature Sensor for detecting the temperature of the engine, Oxygen sensor which detects the oxygen content in the exhaust gas.

all these processes will then be reported to the ECU and the ECU from going into the control actuator consisting of Fast Idle Solenoid, Idle Speed ​​Control, Fuel Pump, Injector and Ignition Coil. (Source:detikoto)

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