Tuesday, February 11, 2014

How to Distinguish the Genuine and Fake Helmets Easily

RealAutoTips. - We know that helmets very urgent when we want to drive our motorcycle on the road. With helmet our head will protect from impact when accident happened. So, we must choose genuine helmet to get good safety from helmet now. And you must careful when you want to buy helmet genuine and keep from the fake helmet.

Figure 1. Genuine Helmet Illustration (source: Detikoto) 

In this time we want to share with you some ways to choose the genuine helm easily. To distinguish the genuine and fake helmets helm maybe easily. According Marketing Cargloss, Tatap Firdaus said that the important thing is that no too styrofoam hard and soft. This material safety advocates recognized one of the bikers head.

In addition to the components styrofoam, bikers also have to pay attention to the outer shield. Shell should be made ​​of plastic resistant to impact. There are the most effective way to ensure whether or not the original helmet. The seller must have the courage to slam the helmet if challenged consumers.

On the other hand Face to add the safest helmet has the best features, such as air circulation and a strong rope and not easily broken so the helmet can not be separated from the head. (Source:detikoto) 

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