Monday, February 24, 2014

Tips on How to Install Wiper of PIAA Aero Vogue to Protect the Car Glass Becomes Slippery

RealAutoTips. - There are many modification of Wiper technology that developing this day. Beside the wiper physic, the rubber material also developing to get good result now. One Wiper that developing and still new in the market now is Wiper from Japan that called PIAA Aero Vogue.

Figure 1. Car Wiper (Otomotifnet)

According site show us that because it is still new in the market, so you must know how to install this wiper perfectly to get good result. In here we will share with you tips on how to Install Wiper of PIAA Aero Vogue to Protect the Car Glass Becomes Slippery. And here are the step to install PIAA Aero Vogue according Otomotifnet as follow:

  1. The first step, prepared in accordance with the type of car PIAA. Then, clean the windshield of dirt and dust. Glass should be washed with liquid glass cleaner or a special detergent. Then dry with a cloth until it is completely clean. Remember, the glass must be completely free of dust. Because the glass cleanliness very influential at the time of silicone coating.
    (Image: Otomotifnet)
  2. Then attach the rod wiper PIAA. Keep the rubber wipers to avoid smudges. Because therein lies the silicon that will coat the glass. Make sure the wiper blade is installed perfectly. Thus, can not be separated from the handle when the wiper is moved.
    (Image: Otomotifnet)
  3. Then turn the switch so that the wipers move. Let the wiper moves continuously for 3-5 minutes. Remember, wipers must continue to move without wetted by water. The wipers without water movement serves to move the existing silicon layer on the glass to rubber wiper.
    (Image: Otomotifnet)
  4. After that, turn off the wipers. Well, now the glass has been coated with silicone. When heavy rains flushed, guaranteed water down faster and more clear glass.
    (Image: Otomotifnet)

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