Monday, March 24, 2014

High Technology and Wide Cab in Sport Utility Vehicle (SUV) Automotive Award 2014

RealAutoTips. There are many car that develop with high technology that support Sport Utility Vehicle (SUV) in 2014. It is also maybe many car producers want to get high level nomination in SUV automotive award 2014. It is look from Land Rover car that launched new variant car with Sport Utility Vehicle with look more fresh.

Figure 1. SUV Car Illustration (

According otomotifnet site reported that Perhaps, the SUV segment top most gasoline to seize the nomination "Best High SUV Gasoline" in Automotive Award 2014 winner is announced March 27. Interestingly, there is one representative from Europe, the VW Tiguan. 

German car is the smallest engine capacity, the 1,400 cc but TSI (Twincharger Stratified Injector). Although small, but fierce enough power thanks to forced induction, the turbocharger and supercharger. 

While performing with the Mazda CX-5 SKYACTIV technologies and rely on features that are complete. Also in terms of design, to bulldoze the Honda CR-V and Grand Vitara.

And also car from Korea, Kia Sorento All competitors try to challenge with the longest dimension. By itself, the trunk space when the third row seats folded into the widest. So we will see who is the winner of Sport Utility Vehicle (SUV) Automotive Award 2014. Let wait.

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