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Tips on How to Avoid our Car from the Mushroom

RealAutoTips. - Shall you ever meet the mushroom in your car? It is very disturb us when we see the mushroom in our car like in car dashboard, car AC reflections, and car ceiling. Beside mushroom can make the musty smell, mushroom also can make our car trouble.

Figure 1. Car Cabin Illustration (

In this condition we need solution on how to avoid our car from the mushroom. In here we will show you easy way o how to avoid our car from the mushroom that we get from site. And here are the tips on how to avoid our car from the mushroom easily:

A. Drying the Car at Least Every Two Week

Please drying your car at least every two week under the sun with more then 10 hours a day from the morning until a day. This is when the sun emits ultraviolet light that is healthy. At this hour, the sun not only raised the water level in the interior of the car, but it can also kill the germs.

B. Start the Engine and Turn On the Air Conditioning

When you drying your car, please also start the engine and turn on the air conditioning. Fixed by the condition of the windshield open. Set the fan rotation on the biggest setting. Air temperature settings, also put in the coldest settings. This allows air to circulate air in the system. Thus, water vapor, viruses and germs in the air grille will come out. Do it for 10-15 minutes.

C. Clean and Dry the Carpet in the Sun

Especially those made ​​from fabric. Because it can absorb water. With conditions like rain lately, often while in the car in case of wet footwear. Well, the water will be trapped in the carpet and become moist. By cleaning and dry in the sun, will eliminate the water content.

D. Finally, Place the Water Absorbency Products Under the Seat

Many are sold in supermarkets under various brand names. Usually used in the clothes closet. This product is a powerful bind moisture in the interior. But remember, when it would be used. This product should not forget derived. You see, potentially making more cramped cabin air. With the lack of water vapor, then the interior of baseball again was unwilling to damp and mold growth.

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