Thursday, May 1, 2014

5 Causes of Car Fuel Indicator Invalid

RealAutoTips. - Beware when you must drive your car now. Please check your fuel patrol indicator in your car before you use your car now. It is maybe you found that the fuel is trouble to indicate the capacity of fuel in your car. There are many accident the car can not use or stop suddenly on the road because the fuel empty whereas the fuel indicator show us full. So in here any problem with our fuel indicator in our car or not valid to show capacity of fuel.

Figure 1. Car Fuel Indicator (

There are many causes that cause the fuel indicator in our car is invalid. In here site show us that there are 5 Causes of Car Fuel Indicator Invalid as follow:

  1. The most commonly encountered is a float in the tank. At the buoy, there is a coil. Well, because the car was 5 years old, this coil began weakly. The result, of course can not deliver an accurate signal to the coil on the needle indicator on the dash.
  2. The coil on the needle already weakened or even broken. The weaker, then the accuracy is reduced. Despite getting a signal from a float in the tank, but because the coil is weak, it can not move the needle as instructed coil that is on the buoy.
  3. Too often parked on an incline or decline. In fact, not all ramps carport design. Some housing design carport floor with uphill position. When the buoy is still normal, no problem.
  4. In addition, often removing indicator needles can also cause problems. It can be found on cars that are already using the speedometer indicator indiglow types. Sometimes, when installing the fuel gauge needle is too loud, or too soft so it does not fit. Too hard causing the needle to move difficult. If too slow, when the coil moves, rotates because the needle is not completely unattached.
  5. For digital type as applied to the Toyota Vios or Nissan Evalia, found many misguided error indicator after parking on inclines. It is common. It is not because pelampungnya not right, but because digital systems are less responsive. Typically, after driving a few meters down the road, the indicator will return to normal


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