Tuesday, April 15, 2014

New Ford EcoSport Made Stronger for Europe

RealAutoTips. - In this year there are many new kinds of car that produced in the world factories. One of the new car in this year is car from Ford. As reported that Ford EcoSport is currently manufactured in several factories in the world. One of them in India. However, Ford's EcoSport for India it has many differences EcoSport for Europe.

Figure 1. New Ford EcoSport (detikoto)

According detikoto site that no half-hearted, there are 300 differences between the Ford EcoSport for India and Europe. Chief Engineer EcoSport Nick Fitzgerald said that by doing so, EcoSport in Europe will differ from EcoSport circulating on the streets of India.

Interestingly, most of the Ford EcoSport that will be circulated in Europe turned out to be made ​​in India. Ford India will start sending EcoSport to Europe starting in June this year with many changes. 

Not only shift to the left side of the steering wheel, the Ford EcoSport to European markets also sudha offers various features as standard such as airbags and ABS.

Strong body structure is likely to achieve the highest level of security when later EcoSport in crash tests by Euro NCAP. Especially when tested in November last year EcoSport failed to get a 5 star rating and only awarded 4 stars.

And added that 300 different parts that include an upgrade in trim and plastic components. EcoSport to Europe by Fitzgerald also made ​​circuitry stronger body structure than the EcoSport for India although both produced in the same factory. (Source:Detikoto)

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