Friday, April 25, 2014

The Benefits of Window Film on Cars

RealAutoTips. - We think that windows film glass on car is very familiar when we said about a car. There are many size windows film glass that  install in a car. But do you know what are the benefits all of the windows film glass in a car? 

Figure 1. Window Film on Car (source: detikoto)

To know more about the benefits of window film glass on a car, we can follow the information from Film Infinity that re discuss the The Benefits of Window Film on Cars as follow:
  1. Sunlight reduces the Log. The main duties and functions of a window film, obviously to reduce the sunlight will get into the cabin. Wherein said exposure to sunlight can cause wave infrared and ultraviolet (UV) radiation on the skin. Window film helps reduce the effects of exposure to sunlight for passenger cars.
  2. Improve Appearance. Look different and stylish now come to be an important role in choosing films. Window film is considered to give exclusive value to the car. Glass films are also available in various colors and levels of opacity to adjust the color and character of the car. 
  3. Efficient Energy. It says the current window film can reduce sunlight coming into the cabin, so as to prevent temperature rise inside the car as well as help keep the air conditioner is not excessive activity. And make the car more economical in fuel consumption. 
  4. Maintain Privacy. Privacy has become an important element when you are driving. And privacy window film can keep the driver and passengers in the cabin. Where do people outside the car can not freely browse passenger cars as well as activity in the car because of blocked window film.
  5. Reducing the Risk of Crime. Window film can reduce the risk of crime, because it can block the view of the outside of the stuff that was in the car. It is difficult for people who intend to take the valuables in the car or doing something against the passenger in the car. 
  6. Reduces Light Reflection on Glass. The light from outside the car will be reflected in part on the glass. Because window film reduces incoming solar light, less light reflection on the glass, especially on the windshield that has an important role in driving. And it can improve driving comfort and reducing eye fatigue. 
  7. Improve Security. Window film typically consists of layers made ​​of polyester, metal, and a special adhesive. Its function is 'hold' the glass when subjected to impact.

(Source: detikoto)

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