Thursday, April 10, 2014

The Fuel Economic Toyota's Newest Engines 1000cc and 1300cc

RealAutoTips. - In 2014, Toyota corporation has been developing their newest engines with capacities 1000cc and 1300cc that claimed very fuel economic using healthy environmentally friendly technology. According Toyota that these engines also using high efficiency technology in fuel economic and their thermal.

Figure 1.  The Fuel Economic Toyota's Newest Machines (Detikoto)

Especially for a 1300 cc engine will use the Atkinson cycle used in hybrid cars engines. Make use of the Atkinson cycle engine has a high expansion ratio and reduce the heat wasted thanks to a high compression ratio. 

This machine will have gitur as exhaust gas re-circulation (EGR) combined with Variable Valve Timing-intelligent Electric (VVT-IE) to improve combustion and reduce wasted energy. As a result, the thermal efficiency increases to 28 percent. And if the idling stop technology will make the engine more efficient 15 percent of the cars now.

Latest machinery would at least make the car more efficient than fuel consumption in cars Toyota today. The engine will be used in the future Toyota cars with a total of 14 variations of the machine that will be launched globally from 2015.

Meanwhile, 1,000 cc engine developed by Daihatsu. This machine is capable of improving the thermal efficiency of up to 37 percent cooler EGR system and high compression ratio. Machine was able to have a more economical fuel consumption 30 percent over 1000 cc engine on the market today. (Source:Detikoto)

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