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The Reasons Ford Focus 2.0L Get Automotive Award 2014 as The Best of The Best Hatchback

RealAutoTips. -  Ford Focus 2.0L Get Automotive Award 2014 as The Best of The Best Hatchback in sedan car. Ford Focus 2.0 hatchback was also carried off the same feat. In fact, both are able to maintain the accomplishments already achieved last year.

Figure 1.  Sedan Car of Ford Focus 2.0L (

In here we will describe the reasons that caused  Ford Focus 2.0L Get Automotive Award 2014 as The Best of The Best Hatchback. And the reasons as follows:

  1. The advantages of the Ford Focus 2.0L in them , active city stop . This feature is able to read the movement of the vehicle in front and can stop the car without having to step on the brake pedal , if the car in front suddenly stopped . The technology works when the car drove at speeds below 30 kph.
  2. Fun , this feature can be disabled as well . Just like the traction control ( traction control ) that have. With this technology , the stability of the car awake when maneuvering around the corner . Moreover, equipped with torque vectoring control ( TVR ) , the car seemed to wear a limited slip differential .
  3. Even when driving , the steering feels light thanks to electronic power steering that has been hydraulically . So the car could be dipredeksi direction .  Already then , while driving , the concentration is not interrupted when the driver wants to communicate thanks to Ford SYNC in collaboration with Microsoft .  
  4. With a capacity of 2.0L engine , fuel consumption in the city , for 1 liter of gasoline can travel 9 miles , Moderate road out of town two kilometers further to 1 liter . But , it all depends on driving patterns .  

What is clear , with many advanced technologies , it is worth the All New Ford Focus 2.0L back bearing the Best of the Best Hatchback . (Source:

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