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Car Stereo Amplifier using IC TDA1553 Circuit Diagram

RealAutoTips. - To complete your collection in audio power amplifier for your car, in here we will show you simple electronic diagram of car stereo amplifier using IC TDA1553 as the Class-B audio amplifier that very useful.

Circuit Schematic

Figure 1. Car Stereo Amplifier using IC TDA1553 (Source:circuitstoday)

Component List
  1. C1  = 100nF
  2. C2  = 2200uF/16V
  3. C3  = 4.7 uF/16V
  4. C4  = 220 nF
  5. C5  = 220 nF
  6. IC1  = TDA1553


Wiring diagram like in figure 1 above is Car Stereo Amplifier using IC TDA1553 that Here is the circuit of a car stereo amplifier based on TDA1553. TDA1553 is a monolithic Class-B audio amplifier which contains 2 x 22 watt amplifiers in bridge tied load configuration. The amplifier operates from 12V DC and is developed intentionaly for car audio applications. 

The IC also has a load of good features like short circuit protection, load dump protection, reverse polarity protection, loud speaker protection etc. In the circuit , C5 and C4 are input decoupling capacitors while C3 sets the delay time for loud speaker protection. C1 and C2 are power supply filter capacitors. 

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