Monday, May 12, 2014

Free Download Protel Advanced PCB Version 2.8 for Windows

RealAutoTips. - An Electronic software that also popular for electronic student and also technician is Protel software. With this software we can create electronic circuit schematic and also can design PCb layout manually and auto-route. And one kind of Protel is Protel Advanced PCB Version 2.8 for Windows. and below is the global description of Protel Advanced PCB.

Figure 1. Protel Advanced PCb illustration

Software Description

Protel Advanced PCB is one of the software that use to draw and design schematic and layout PCB that has a higher completeness. Although Protel has a greater complexity that Eagle, but Protel also has the convenience and many advantages in using. 

When we tell about complexity when we are first use Protel Advanced PCB is tools and the things to watch out for more, especially for a new PCB design will certainly learn quite a hassle because some library Protel DXP 2004 pad is not as common components commonly used, so it is required to make the Library itself.  

But Protel Advanced PCB also has many advantages compared with other electronic software that used to draw and design schematic and layout PCB. Here are some advantages of Protel Advanced PCB like:  

  1. Can run in Windows operating system that more widely used. 
  2. Having auto route facilities that can make layout PCB automatically. Although it complexity, but it also easy to use because the main menu is represented by using the bottom. 
  3. Can be used to design a Multi-layer PCB (consisting of several layers.) 
  4. In this case it can handle the manufacture of PCB layout with the difficulty level of the complex.
Software Download

In here we will also will give you file Protel Advanced PCB Version 2.8 for Windows in rar file. You can take this software with take Free Download Protel Advanced PCB Version 2.8 for Windows easily using link below:

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