Thursday, May 29, 2014

Tips on How to Clean Mica Car Speedometer Easily and Carefully

RealAutoTips. As we know that speedometer is the important for driver to know the speed, fuel, and other indicator when driving the car. This part very near with driver in the car. In the interior of the car, the speedometer rarely touched while cleaning the cabin space. Teerbuat of mica, there usually gather dust. Not seen it as transparent mica.

Figure 1. Mica Car Speedometer (

The easiest to use a damp cloth to clean it. If the process does not wipe properly, will lag water droplets on the mica. Makes it look more dirty appearance.

Other obstacles when cleaned, usually still looks thin threads. To dispel, usually in disposable wipes tissue. Be careful because it can make a beret. Select tissue completely smooth.

In here we will give you special tips on How to Clean Mica Car Speedometer Easily and Carefully as follow:
  1. Prepare a cotton cloth. Can wear t-shirts or other scars. Choose a really soft. Provide also polishing liquid medications such as San-Poly.
  2. If it is available, turn work. It's easy. So easy to wrap your index finger with the cloth, then wet with San-Poly.
    Figure 2.
  3. After quite wet, pat him on the mica speedometer. Make circular motions to make it easier.
    Figure 3.
  4. Mica still wet by Sanpoly, then wipe dry apply another cloth. Again be gentle. Perform this step section per section. Do not leave to dry in San-Poly mica, because it can make these abrasion. (

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