Monday, May 5, 2014

Tips on How to Make Center Standard on Honda CB150R After Replacing the Exhaust

RealAutoTips. - As we know that someone use Honda CB150R streetfire usually like with modification perform. It is because that this motorcycle using engine 150 cc DOHC 4 valve PGM-FI. Talk about performance is definitely a lot to add the parts labeled in this motor racing. Let me pull more kick. One of the favorites is a racing exhaust. The choices have been many and varied models to choose from. 

But be careful, do not forget to note the position of the center after changing the standard racing exhaust bro, can make a full chain. This is because baseball is no barrier in the middle of the standard-muffler exhaust aftermarket. You must have solution with this condition. To be some kind of exhaust is already anchoring standards, but for some exhaust that does not have a standard anchoring, of course we have to prepare yourself. Here are some ways you can practice to make the retaining standard Honda motor CB150R. Note: All Content and Image came from

  1. This is an example of a standard anchoring the middle, to the left of the innate and WRX RX8 exhaust, custom in the right welder at a cost of $2.
  2. Prepare the nuts and bolts of 12 mm like this. Long enough bolts about 2 to 3 cm only.
  3. Slip the nut in the middle of the right side of a standard hole like this. Later retaining nut will clamp standard in this position. 
  4. The end result like this bro, this holder will hold standard middle position that baseball is too ride. 

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