Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Masda2 will using SKYACTIV-D 1.500 cc as Diesel Engine

RealAutoTips. - Reported that Masda car will assemble the diesel engine in their mini Masda2 that called Demio in Japan. This diesel engine as called with SKYACTIV-D 1.500 cc.

Figure 1. Masda Engine (Source: detikoto)

This machine is the latest generation SKYACTIV engine which has been developed in Hiroshima, Japan. 

Official information that goes into detikOto, Tuesday (10/06/2014), Mazda also uses the latest generation SKYACTIV-D 2200 cc in SUV Mazda CX-5. 

SKYACTIV-D engine with 1,500 cc internal combustion (internal combustion engine) is more fuel efficient, but considerable power. As a result, this engine offers outstanding performance, including torque is equal to the 2.5-liter petrol engine. 

As described Mazda, diesel engines are more environmentally friendly without the use of NOx aftertreatment system.

European Vice President, Research and Development, Mazda Motor Co., Ichiro Hirose never said if the SKYACTIV engine technology will continue to evolve to better than internal combustion engine SKYACTIV previous.

SKYACTIV-D engine of 1500 cc that pinned the Mazda2 inherits a variety of innovative technologies SKYACTIV-D 2200 cc. The development of the SKYACTIV-D 1.5 engine is claimed to improve engine performance and makes it suitable for subcompact vehicles such as the Mazda2. 

Mazda2 SKYACTIV-D 1,500 cc will be introduced in the Japanese market. Mazda2 SKYACTIV-D 1,500 cc will also be embedded feature i-stop technology and the i-ELOOP that maximizes the electricity latest Mazda2 car.

And here are the specification of  SKYACTIV-D 1.500 cc engine as follow:

  1. Type diesel engine: 4-cylinder 1,500 cc 
  2. Engine capacity: 1,497 liters 
  3. Bore x Stroke: 76.0mm x 82.5 mm 
  4. Compression ratio: 14.8:1 
  5. Power: 77 kW (105Ps) at 4,000 rpm 
  6. Torque: 250 Nm at 1,500-2.500rpm
Source: Detikoto

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