Thursday, June 26, 2014

New Honda Jazz Model Officially Launched in June 2014

RealAutoTips. - Maybe this is a good news for you who interesting with new Honda Jazz car. It is because that Honda car officially launched new Honda Jazz model car on June 2014 this year. 

Figure 1. Honda Fit (Source:detikoto)

According detikoto reported that After a long awaited Honda Jazz finally officially launched the latest model in the national automotive market. This third-generation Jazz has a good overall design changes in the exterior and in the interior.

Development of the third generation of Honda Jazz is based on good reputation and the whole characteristic of the previous generation, and also encourage new boundaries to create a better model than the previous. The result is a complete package of attractive new design, powerful features, and big power with the pleasure of driving while remaining comfortable ride.

All New Honda Jazz is dedicated to those who are young, you want to look different, to be a trendsetter, has admirable personal character and the 'cool'. All New Honda Jazz was developed by Honda's new concept design "Exciting H Design" which consists of three key elements; "High Tech", "High Tension" and "High Touch".

Every design detail taken into account to support the highest satisfaction of its users. "High Tech" represents the interaction between humans and technology. "High Tension" are designed to represent dynamic design. "High Touch" means connected with the human senses.

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