Sunday, July 13, 2014

Motorcycle Modification - Change Honda PCX 125 Be More Lucrative

RealAutoTips. - Do you want to modify your Honda PCX 125 look more lucrative? we think you can follow the modification as like present by site below.

Indeed, this scooter is classified into class premium. Despite the high prices, but many also love the look of the scooter proficiency level. Like Frangky Raharto Sarmanella who has applied rim width, video and sound system at its PCX.

It is looks relatively simple, but a closer look pretty fancy. "The concept is stylish sporty elegance debris. This is still be used daily and touring out of town. Let not too late on the road, plug the sound system and more fun.

You could say, in this rare premium scooter modif with sound system. Supporting components that are sound in body and in the trunk. To produce a melodious voice, JEC wear head unit GE-208, Sony Xplod brand tweeters, midbass also from Sony Xplod is waterproof waterproof alias.

On the label Steel Mate SW826 subwoofer and power amplifier Alpine brand AP1000. For visualization, the monitor added. But, instead of the screen commonly used by car. But use LCD Monitor-type labeled AVX AVX-810.

The legs are also modified, front rim 4.5 x14 combined Pirelli Diablo 140/60-14 tires. As a result, the triangle changed to 5 cm thick. Moderate 6.5-inch rear rim profile 160/60-14 tires biting is not changing the engine mounting cradle.


Front-rear rim: K Speed, 4.5 inches and 6.5 inches 
Front-rear tires: Pirelli Diablo 140/60-14 & 160/60-14 
Sok back: Tokico 
Disc: Kitaco n custom Ninja RR 
Under body kit: custom AM 
Seat: back rest custom Murano AM 
Injector: Honda CBR 150 
Windshield: Ermax 
Rearview: Peugeot 206 + LED Mazda2 
Brake handle: Kitaco 
Air filter: Evo 
LCD Monitor: AVX 810 
Headunit: JEC GE-208 
Twitter: Sony Xplod 
Midbas: Sony Xplod 
Subwoofer: Steel Mate SW826 
Power: Alpine AP1000

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