Thursday, July 31, 2014

Spark Plug Color's Reflecting on Combustion Engines

RealAutoTips. - There are many kinds of spark plug dimension according using for our car or motorcycle. But there are know people that spark plug color's will reflecting on combustion engine. According Otomotifnet site reported that Spark plug one of the important factors in vehicle gasoline fuel. But, still there are misguided about the spark plugs. Some say, the greater the numbers listed in the code plugs the better. 

Figure 1. Spark Plug Kinds (

In fact, it should be adjusted to the manufacturer's specifications. Most only raise 1 level figures if you want better performance or combustion. With notes, the machine also requires a colder spark plug type. 

Hot and cold plug difference is the speed of heat release. Cold spark plugs remove heat faster than cold plugs. Through color combustion products that attach to the spark plugs can also be concluded that burning too rich, lean or ideal. Ideal mixture will leave a brownish color.

Spark plug gap also needs to be considered. Use the appropriate feeler to measure it. Spark plug gap ranging from 0.8 mm to 1.2 mm, depending on the vehicle manufacturer's specifications. 

If you want to test resistance at the plugs. Prepare digital multimeter. Position on counting Ohm. Calibration before use by connecting the positive and negative wires approximately 2 seconds. Then connect the negative cable to the head of the spark plug, is the positive wire to the spark plug electrode. May be reversed no problem. Usually from the plant showed the 1,000 Ohm to 1500 Ohm. 

If you have long used prisoners could reach 500 to 600 Ohm. If prisoners can be the smaller the negative impact on the ECU.

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