Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Wireless or Nircable Smartphone Charger in a Car for the Future

RealAutoTips. - As we know charger for our smartphone now still using cable. Maybe it is still make us not simple to charge our battery smartphones. There are many research to make the easiest to charge our smartphone without using cable or wireless charge. 

Figure. Wireless Charger in Car Illustration (

As reported from detikoto that In the future, mobile recharge in the car no longer need to use a cable. Therefore, some car manufacturers are now researching to make the system wireless charging devices. One of them is Audi. 

Previously, existing NX Lexus SUV that can wirelessly charge the smartphone. And Audi seems not to be outdone in adopting leading edge technologies in the car.

At Lexus NX system, inductive charging system requires an Apple iPhone equipped with inductive cover-responsive, while some Android-based phone will be ready. 

For iPhone still require case. The latest mobile phones, including Android also includes still require case. Even so, in some cases, the cable is still predicted to be used despite the Bluetooth technology continues to evolve.

In the automotive world, in addition to Lexus, Chrysler has also been known to offer power for charging gadgets wirelessly. So is Toyota which has been applying this system on the Avalon as a standard feature.

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