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Tips on Choosing a GPS Tracker for Car Tracking

RealAutoTips. - Maybe you will not foreign again with GPS tracker for car this time. As we know that GPS tracker or GPS Tracking is a technology that can monitor the position of cars, motorcycles and other vehicles in Real Time or Live. GPS Tracker brings together technologies from GSM and GPS to determine the coordinates of cars, motorcycles, and our vehicles and in the show into Digital map.

Figure 1. GPS Tracking Illustration

There are many reason why must use GPS tracking as follow:

  1. Anticipate If Car, Motorcycle your lost or stolen (Position traceable Vehicle Theft in Realtime).
  2. In order for any vehicle not in use. For example, Children's permission to leave college but stop at the mall, it can be known whether honestly or not.
  3. If you have a Fleet Business, Travel, Equipment, Expedition, easier to set up, Productivity and efficiency can be increased.
  4. Knowing the position of the vehicle. If the car is borrowed or taken driver, you can find out the position of the vehicle.
  5. Monitoring Fuel Consumption. Monitor estimates that fuel will make your company's fleet to more fuel efficient.
  6. Hour Meter. For those of you who have heavy equipment such as excavators business and the like, this feature will record the time of vehicle life and death.
  7. Tapping the sound of conversation in the vehicle cabin. Can hear conversation going on in the cabin in realtime.
  8. Life is quieter because not worry about cars, motorcycles, vehicles you see why.


Some things to consider in choosing a GPS Tracker as likes:

A. Tracking System Type

Make sure GPS Tracker Tracking System has a complete, not only can monitor or track the vehicle alone, but can monitor Itineraries over the last few months, Speed​​, Tapping Voice, Speed ​​Limit Sensor, Emergency button (SOS), Features Turn off engine (Engine Cut Off ) from a distance, the vehicle engine sensor (on or Off), and so forth. 

B. Real Time Tracking 

Make sure to have the capability of tracking GPS Tracker Real Time, and the accuracy of the position of the vehicle on the spot. 

C. Monitoring Systems & Applications 

Select GPS Tracker completed monitoring system is user friendly or easy to understand, and support applications that can be accessed in many devices ie PC, HP, BB, Android, and other gadgets. 

D. Data Reporting History 

Make sure the web server GPS Tracker provides a complete History of vehicles, easy to read, understand, downloaded with formats that support, can be downloaded to be printed so that it can be used as a proof valid for all activities of the vehicle. 

E. Server Center 

Choose a GPS Tracker which has its own Server Center, managed by the Company (the Company ownership) better yet who had a double server (back-up server) so all we wanted so much easier to access anytime and anywhere, try not to choose a GPS Tracker that server renting on Hosting providers, even some that ride in free Hosting. 

a.) Server Yourself (Title Company) 
  1. Care must be treated specially because it has a support team. 
  2. Update or upgrade feature is fully carried out by the Company 
  3. Storage Quota looser as specified by the Company to store customer data. 
  4. Access time will be faster because the server is provided exclusively process data GPS data alone 
  5. Rent Free Hosting Server and no pay, depending on the policies made by the company. 

b.) Server Rental / Ride 
  1. No Special Treatment, because systems maintenance and candid Global 
  2. Update / Upgrade Features tend to be static and left as 
  3. Storage Quotas very limited / minimal 
  4. Access time is slower, because the server handles all sorts of data and the high traffic of other users who use the same does not focus on GPS 
  5. Kinds of Rent Hosting Server, because the server does not belong to yourself, if hired, then the consumer will be charged, also there is a free trial for a month / first year will then be charged, there is also a free course with any shortcomings. 

F. Quality Versus Price 

DO NOT easily fall in love with cheap price, There Price There are quality. Lots of cheap GPS market, and have become legally obligated in electronic products, the more expensive the higher the technology, its full features, and most importantly service after sales conversations. 

G. Team Support Providers 

Make sure the product has the GPS Tracker support services, technicians ready to help you, you should not have to spend money is not small, but the service was disappointing even in the absence of technicians for the installation of the product. 

H. Corporate Existence 

GPS Tracker is a long-term investment products, lately many companies GPS stands but little ga inconsistent until the company closed. if you buy a GPS Tracker no longer support and service, it will not function anymore there. 

I. Permit Certification Official and Post

This is one of the most important .. Make sure you have GPS Tracker products carry the certification and get a legal license from the Ministry of Communications and Information Technology.

Source: http://otoneters.com/

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