Thursday, August 7, 2014

Tips on How to Install P3Cars to Read Engine Temperature, Battery Voltage, and Acceleration

RealAutoTips. - Maybe you are still remember with OBD II Interface. OBD II interface has often reviews. Start a handheld version, connected to a laptop or even a tablet and a smartphone. This time there is a similar product, but with different P3Cars the media. But this product only can use for BMW F30, the VW Golf MK VI and the VW Scirocco, VW Tiguan and Toyota 86. 

Figure 1. Interface P3Car (

This tool actually function as an indicator. Able to read engine temperature, boost pressure, battery voltage, ignition timing, can even read acceleration 0-100 km / h. In short, such as data logging, but the reading system one by one.

And here are some tips to install P3Cars to Read Engine Temperature, Battery Voltage, and Acceleration in our car.

  1. Open the side cover first dash in order to remove the AC panel and save the module and wiring. Use the flat-head screwdriver protected so as not to damage the cloth while prying the panel.
  2. AC grilles must be removed first and second blades can be paired P3Cars screen. Cabutnya not spoil and can be restored to its original.
  3. Connect the socket to 16 pin OBD II diagnostic port located to under the steering wheel. Staying trim back all to normal.
  4. To change the reading mode just press any key. Then the mode will move the display to the other.


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