Thursday, September 11, 2014

How to Rebuild Falling Motor Sport Correctly

RealAutoTips. - As we know that motor sport is the weight motor compared with regular motor weight. It is make when our motor sport falling can not rebuild easily because this motor is weight. When we wrong to rebuild our motor sport can make dangerous result. So, we need information correctly how to rebuild falling motor sport.

Figure 1. Illustration (Detikoto)

In here we will give you information tips on how to rebuild falling motor sport correctly from Detikoto portal site as follow:

  1. The first is the correct body position and hand grip point to the motorcycle. Our Body position while we have to squat and one leg of our own pedestal, choose which one you think is strong. Then the right hand is placed near the swing arm and the left hand on the left handlebar, then lift correctly and slowly. 
  2. In addition, you also have to position the motor on the left as if on the right, when the motor successfully lifted and if it is too heavy towards the front of the motor it will fall again and you will also fall.
  3. If you set up on the right side there is the trick of its own motors. First, the default is made ​​down as if using a standard 1 when the motor stand, after the position of the body and the hands remain the same as lifting the left. 
  4. For the position of the body also should be noted, especially when lifting the bike. From your body squats do not immediately stand up at once but gradually lifted.

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