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4 Car Care Tips to Extend Your Car

RealAutoTips. - It is very important to check your car periodically although your car is not get problem by your self. It will make your car always durable and have long life to operate. It is also will keep your car to maintenance in car service station.

Figure 1. Car Care Illustration (DetikOto)

You can take car care by your self at home periodically using easily maintenance steps. Checks will not only extend the life of your car, but also will maintain the sale price back. Here are some routine maintenance tips you can do yourself at home so that your car last long that source from DetikOto site portal as follow.

The majority of modern cars easier for the owner to check the engine oil and the amount of water in the radiator as well as for automatic windshield sprayers. Things to consider when checking the fluid in the car are :

  1. When checking the fluid in the car, make sure the car is parked on a flat area and machine in a cold state. 
  2. Never ever open the radiator when the engine is still hot. In addition you will be exposed to hot steam, it will also create air pockets in the cooling system of the engine, and it can make a broken system. 
  3. If the water in the radiator needs to be added, use plain water alone. Do not use special water cooling radiator if you are not sure whether it is appropriate to the existing water in the radiator before. Mixing different cooling water will make the water in the radiator instead chewy like jelly. 
  4. To check the engine oil level, simply unplug the oil level pointer stick, wipe with a cloth, then dip again into the oil and see the mark on the stick. Engine oil level should never get low or empty, because the engine can be severely damaged. 
  5. If you need to add engine oil, do not mix between regular oil with synthetic oil. 
  6. For water spray windshield, fill it with plain water added with a special liquid glass cleaner. It will help keep the glass clean and undamaged. Never use soap water or detergent water will cause clumping under water storage bottle and a water filter system damage.

The majority of the latest battery does not need special care, which means you do not need to be frequently charging the battery. 

Usually in one part of a sign-colored battery, and each color symbolizes a certain sense. If it is green, the battery is in good condition is fine; if it is white or bright, it means the battery needs to be 
charge; and if it is red, it means the battery needs to be replaced. 

If you are still using the old model battery or battery wet, you need to check the battery water regularly. Do not let the empty battery water because it will result in the car's electrical system does not work anymore. When the battery water refilling, be careful not to excessively because of spilled battery acid will damage the car or automobile paint.

Never underestimate the condition of tires. All four tires is what makes the car you drove safely and comfortably. If the condition of the tires have been damaged or reduced air pressure, fuel consumption will be more extravagant, and most importantly, will lose adhesion to the surface so that the car could skid. 

Therefore, check the tires regularly, at least once a month, mainly to check the tire pressures and physical damage. 

When checking the tires, always do when the tires in cold conditions. To check tire pressure, use a tire pressure checker, do not just check on the physical appearance of the tire or the tire pressing a finger. 

The pressure of each tire brands vary, therefore you have to manually check the tire pressure of the right to know. However, if you are still in doubt, fill the tire pressure to 32 PSI. 

Do not forget to check the spare tire as well, because the spare tire air pressure can also be reduced, although not used.

The last thing that you need to check is the condition of your car lights. Make sure all the lights work fine. Enlist the help of relatives to check around the car while you operate the lights from the driver seat. Do not forget to check the fog light or high beam of your car.

Source: Detikoto

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