Thursday, October 30, 2014

ABS Bosch can not be Installed in the Regular Motorcycle Workshop

RealAutoTips. - Anti-lock Breaking System (ABS) Bosch is the automotive component and accessories that has been producing by Bosch from Germany. ABS Bosch can not used to all kinds of motorcycle but can not be installed in the regular motorcycle workshop.

Figure 1. Anti-lock Break System (

Strategic Marketing Manager for Bosch Chassis Systems Control Division in Japan, Wilko Block explained to current Bosch ABS technology was just introduced to the people of Indonesia.

Wilko said that currently, Bosch is conducting discussions with motorcycle manufacturer in Indonesia and introduce ABS technology, because Bosch's ABS can now be installed in all types of motor.

He also said that because it requires skill and special equipment for installation, then the ABS device made ​​by the company, in general can not be bought or separately. Purchases must be made in a single package with the installation by the motor manufacturer. 

Understandably, in the installation, as well as software settings must be done, so it can not be done by ordinary bike shop.

The introduction of the Bosch ABS, says Wilko, because look at the numbers of traffic accidents in Indonesia is quite high. Therefore, the manufacturer is hoping the attention and public awareness of road safety will also continue to increase. (Source: detikoto Thursday, 10/30/2014)

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