Saturday, October 18, 2014

To Make as Transformer Manufacturers Looking Body Material That Can Change Shape

RealAutoTips. - We think you will not foreign again with the Transformer movie that show us the car body can change in some condition. Maybe from this movie, now there are manufactures that looking body material that can change the shape in some condition in several part of car body. It is like the transformer but with different purpose that for efficiency.

Figure 1. Illustration (Otomotifnet)

Indeed, the fact that such systems are already widely available, such as the active shutters, flaps or wings. But of course this is going to add weight to the car and require complex mechanisms to install it in the car. 

While today most engineers already have to think about how to cut the weight of the car, in order to consume less fuel. And it turns out, the solution to the problem is available and stay further developed.

As like reported from show us that engineers were do the project they call "Programmed Material", then comes the terms such as i-wood, cloth and i-i-carbon-fiber, which will soon be present. 

According to the Self-Assembly MIT Lab who also experimented with this system, they found a way to program a material for car body, so it can be more dynamic in terms of form and function. 

The team of scientists led by Skylar Tibbits has been working for two years and managed to make materials such as wood, cloth and carbon fiber that can bend in a certain shape when applied to certain stimuli, such as light stimulation, water, air pressure or heat.

So the cars in the future can be made more stable, more efficient, by changing the shape itself according to stimuli derived from the environment, even when the car was speeding. And how about you with this technology? do you nice?

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