Sunday, November 30, 2014

Modification Toyota Land Cruiser FJ40 1983 with Young Engine Look Fresh

RealAutoTips. - Maybe you will still remember with this kind of Toyota car that launched in 1983. Yes this is Toyota Land Cruiser FJ40 1983. Although this is the old car, but you can feel it as new car when you can modify this car with good choosing component. So, in here we will show you modification of Modification Toyota Land Cruiser FJ40 1983 with Young Engine that will make this car look fresh.

Figure 1. Toyota Land Cruiser FJ40 1983

Toyota Land Cruiser FJ40 1983 was still carrying the default runway 2F engine, 6-cylinder 4000 cc. Modifications done by selecting 1KZ-T diesel engine, 4 cylinder 3000cc, which is the engine of the Toyota Prado alerts in 2000, which redeemed half cut, to refresh this old jeep. So what changed is the engine, matic gearbox and devices on the dashboard where the device, stored the car's ECU.

After all success replaced then the result is no longer a manual transmission but matic, nor with the engine not noisy. It means that when in a comfortable cabin, engine noise baseball penetrate much into the cabin.

Figure 2. Engine of  Toyota Land Cruiser FJ40 1983

The legs are also addressed. Balistic branded R20 rim wrapped 33x12R20 Maxxis tires. As information, rim size is so commonly applied in the new SUV. Kinds of Mitsubishi Pajero, Toyota Fortuner, Hummer H2 and others.

If the rim is mounted on TLC FJ40 berbodi box like this, boost zoom dashing really. While gardannya also use Prado. TLC spiral suspension VX concoction looks sustain 4 wheels. While the cantilever arm axle custom. However, that's one of the key problems of the jeep comfort. In terms of safety was controlled. Evidently all brake discs. 

Modification data :

  1. Engine: 3000cc 1KZ-T
  2. Axle: Toyota Prado
  3. Suspension: TLC VX
  4. Arm axle: custom
  5. Rims: Balistic R20
  6. Tires: Maxxis 33x12R20
Source: Mobil Otomotifnet (Sunday, November 23, 2014)

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