Saturday, November 1, 2014

New Sport Motorcycle Yamaha R25 With the Fastest Lightest Advanced Slogan

RealAutoTips. - Of course you remember that Yamaha has been launching a new kind of sport bike that called Yamaha R25. With the slogan Fastest, Lightest (Sporty Handling), Advanced (Latest Technology), Yamaha R25 is now increasingly in demand for sport bike riders today's.

Figure 1. Sport Motor Yamaha R25 (Source:detikoto)

As in Indonesia Motorcycle Show (IMOS) 2014 that held recently, the Yamaha R25 has become the most desirable sport bike among users of Yamaha. Not a motor scooter that is in great demand but rather a sports bike Yamaha R25.

Yamaha R25 as the sport motor cycle that had just picked up as Indonesian Motorcycle of The Year 2014 from the Indonesian Automotive Journalists Forum (FORWOT) it has sold 33 units at the Yamaha booth. Yamaha R25 outperformed 23 other recent motorcycle which was launched in 2014. "A Superbike everyday you can ride" the highest points earned 173 points from the 25 juries assessment.

In Indonesia Yamaha R25 has mastered the 250 cc market in August and September, with total sales of 4,410 units. This motor makes the rider "Revs Your Ego" appear more confident, ego and adrenaline.

Therefore, for those of you lovers of Yamaha motorcycles may be you can try to enjoy the latest sport bike Yamaha R25 to come to Indonesia Motorcycle Show (IMOS) in 2014 while looking for more information about the information about the latest technology from Yamaha Blue Core.

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