Tuesday, November 18, 2014

New Yamaha RX-King Modification 2014

RealAutoTips. - What is your opinion about Yamaha RX-King after you hear this motorcycle now? Maybe you will said that this motorcycle is high speed and others. And now there are many modification effort to make RX-King always nice to enjoy. In 2014 there are several models that result modification of Yamaha RX-King like drag modification, chrome modification, modification minimalist and airbrush modification.

In here we will show you 3 kinds of the resulting of Yamaha RX-King modification that we get from Lensaotomotif blog as follow:

  1. Yamaha RX King Airbrush Modification
  2. Yamaha RX King Chrome Modification
  3. Yamaha RX King Drag Bike

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