Tuesday, November 25, 2014

The Function of Main Jet and Pilot Jet In Carburetor in Motorcycle

RealAutoTips. - Maybe do you auto lovers know more about Main Jet and Pilot Jet in Carburetor our motorcycle now. In motorcycle carburetor, setting the pilot jet and main jet affects the setting of fuel and air mixture that is fitting that the improvement of the combustion chamber combustion process. So, Carburetor identical with the main jet and pilot jet, setting the main jet and pilot jet affects the performance of the vehicle whether it be a car or motorcycle.

Figure 1. Main Jet and Pilot Jet In Carburetor (Source:lensaotomotif)

What is the function?

Function of Pilot jet is fuel flow from the engine to the stationary state of the medium rpm. While the main function is to supply jet fuel when the engine turns over the medium to rpm. 

An example is the Keihin PE28 carburetor, if setting the pilot jet is too small then the gas when it opened as there was a pause. If the setting is too large, the sound that comes out like the sound of the carburetor without the air filter. Another case if different main jet setting, if it is too small, the effect of the engine as the breath short. If too large will be felt when driving on long track.

So, in the last when you choosing the size of the pilot jet and main jet, there were differences in shape. So that each carburetor is not the same size. That's a bit of a short review how to recognize the main jet and pilot jet in the carburetor vehicles, not to misunderstand the numbers pilot jet and main jet.

Source: Lensaotomotif blog.

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