Friday, November 28, 2014

Tips on How to Make Motorcycle Brake Lining Durable

RealAutoTips. - As we know that brake in car or motorcycle very important. Although there are many modification with more artistic but the main function must be keep to stop our car or motorcycle. For lovers of modifications that also uses the motor as a daily vehicle. Changing brake accessories also affect the performance of the brake itself is also the durability of the brake. Especially for the replacement of the original disk brake with variations.

Figure 1.  Make Motorcycle Brake Lining Durable Illustration (Lensaotomotif)

In this time we will give you easily tips on how to make our motorcycle brake lining durable. This tips came from Lensaotomotif blog as follow:

  1. Always check the state of the drum, especially the disk disc holder. If using a drum former, it is better to choose the situation is clean and free crust. If using a new disc holder of variation, the mounting surface must be flat. It is intended that when the disc spins can be symmetrical so that the load is not too heavy brake.
  2. Always diligent cleaning pin calipers and flexible so that the pressure exerted flat canvas. Keep the distance between the disc and the brake discs is perfect, it can be seen when the disc is played not touch the disc brake.
  3. Make sure the wheel bearings are always lubricated to avoid speeling on the bearing.
  4. Driving techniques should also be noted, do not get too close to the riders in front. This is to reduce the frequent use of the brake so that the brake is not rapid fire.
So, please always to keep your brake in good condition to save your safety when you drive your car in the road.

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