Monday, November 10, 2014

Tips on How to Make Secure Parking in the Airport for Our Car

RealAutoTips. - The level of crime can happen everywhere, including at the airport parking area. This condition allows you to think twice to park your vehicles there. People bustling back and forth like a shopping mall were spread discounts.

Figure 1. Airport Parking Illustration (

On the other hand, a vehicle parked at the airport will facilitate your while to take a trip out of town or live service. Want to days or even attain a week, it would not have to worry about your car being left behind. Plus when you go home for pleasure.

In this time we will give you 7 tips on how to Make Secure Parking in the Airport for Our Car that we get from detikoto (Sunday, 11/09/2014). With this tips we hope You can minimize the risk of crime when leaving the car for days at the airport if you apply. This tips as follow:

  1. Do not leave valuables
  2. Unplug your car battery
  3. Properly lock your car
  4. Use a blanket to cover your car car
  5. Select the official airport parking facilities
  6. Always bring your parking ticket
  7. Using the secret key

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