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Tips on How to Take Care New Motorcycle Accurately

RealAutoTips. - Have you buy new motorcycle this time? Maybe we will say congratulation and please take more time everyday to maintenance your new motorcycle to save the performance your motorcycle in the future. Maintenance for a new motorcycle is not hard, set aside a little time to give special treatment when it first came motors.

Figure 1. Take Care New Motorcycle Accurately (lensaotomotif)

A lot of thought goes wrong while the motor out of the car dealerships, you immediately put on the bike with a reason to check the performance of your new motorcycle engine. To note only that the new engine is still new not advisable to use a new motor with a top speed of 50 Km / h before reaching 500 km on the odometer. Some quick tips for how to care for a new motor that is sometimes overlooked by the owner of the motor.

And in here we will give you some simple tips on how to take care new motorcycle accurately with keep more time for this tips.

  1. After buying a new motorcycle, the motor should not be used to carry loads that are too heavy before reaching 500 km, and also run the motor at a steady pace.
  2. In the book we get a guarantee free service on a regular basis to the provisions of several thousand miles, and also to the motor 4 stroke should we pour a little oil into the exhaust vent. It is intended that the exhaust durable and not easily kropos.
  3. Perform maintenance or tune-ups on a regular basis once every 2 months or after reaches 3000-4000 km.
  4. When the morning or when the motor will be used for the first time since the engine is switched off, warm up the motor so that the oil rises to the sidelines of the machine. Do not be too long to heat is 1-2 minutes.
  5. To view outside the body, wash or clean regularly so that dirt does not often stick.
  6. Avoid direct sun when parked in the open, the sun is too sting can make color fade motors.
  7. Drive safely, do not tug gas. Doing tug gas can make rapid chain wear and machine work is too heavy.
  8. Always use a pure oil and gas, avoid the purchase of gasoline and oil that does not have the quality standard.

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