Thursday, November 13, 2014

Tips on How to Turn Off a Car Engine Correctly

RealAutoTips. - Maybe there are not many people who know how to turn off a car engine correctly. And should know that turn off a car engine not correctly can make not a good maintenance for our car. So, we need good tips on how to turn off a car engine correctly that not directly will make a good maintenance for our car this time that with the tips turn off the engine of this right can help you save money because of the replacement of the faulty component.

Figure 1. Turn Off a Car Engine Correctly Illustration ( 

We know that many people who actually do not understand the connection between the engine shut off the car with care techniques. Note down the machine is in high rotation require lubrication. By turning off the engine at high speed when the incoming lead lubricants decreased drastically, it can cause the engine to be fast wear. Tips on other cars that is, machines that are still in high rotation has a component that is still expanding.

Often a lot of riders who turned off the engine when the engine is in high rotation. Therefore, to turn off the car engine that truth is when the car engine is idle or normal. Turning off the engine incorrectly can damage components in the car, it can shorten the time span of the replacement parts that would spend more funds.

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  1. Proper maintenance of a car can be done if as a rider you can digonsis the car's trouble based upon your experience and make repair. Some often the car's engine needs shut down for a little period of time to do rotation. Which helps to provide a good lubrication to all the moving parts which are associated with the engine. Incorrectly shutting down the engine may create a big problem, so adequate knowledge is required to do this job. You can get the correct service at a reputed car service center.


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