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Advanced Features of Ford All-New EcoSport to Support Urban People's Lifestyle

RealAutoTips. - Ford All-New EcoSport is currently present to meet the urban lifestyle that dynamic, fast-paced and very practical. Urban SUV has a compact size with a width of 2,054 mm (including rear-view) making it suitable to be invited to venture capital-intensive. While the sporty and aerodynamic design to maximize the movement of the car while driving. In addition, equipped with a series of advanced features that really understands the needs of the urban.

Figure 1. Advanced Features of Ford All-New EcoSport (Source:detikoto)

Aware that the connectivity and multitasking is everything for the urban, the Ford All-New EcoSport pinning advanced features SYNC ™, developed by Microsoft. SYNC ™ allows the driver to make phone calls, send text messages, access playlists and adjust the volume in a hands-free.

Connect with SYNC ™ handset devices using Bluetooth. This feature is compatible with almost all types of smartphones, music player, or USB drive. While driving the driver can still receive calls, make calls. Press the button on the steering wheel and the command SYNC ™ to access the phone answering. The caller's voice will be heard through the car audio device.

The driver can give voice commands and receive phone calls with a normal conversational tone and volume for the Ford All-New EcoSport so soundproof. In addition, SYNC ™ also can read the short message received driver and turn it into a voice message. SYNC ™ can understand the abbreviations and emoticons in the message.

If you want to play a song to accompany the trip, staying command SYNC ™ to choose songs from a playlist. Small large volumes are volume buttons on the steering wheel. Press the button marked with a plus to enlarge and to minimize press the minus button.

In accordance with the characteristics of urban people who want to be free from the hassles, the Ford All-New EcoSport is also equipped with Keyless Entry and Push Start Button. No need to bother reaching into her purse for car keys in a dark parking area. For a starter car, simply press the power button.

Sophistication features all-new Ford EcoSport to support the urban lifestyle does not stop there. Urban SUV is equipped with Rear Parking Sensor with visuals that facilitates the process of parking cars in urban parking area which is usually narrow. In addition, the car is equipped with technology rain sensor wipers and automatic headlamp

When heavy rains fell driver does not have to rush to set the speed manually wiper motion. Wiper will move by itself when the sensor detects rain and adjust the speed with precipitation levels automatically. Headlamp will light up by itself when the driver's visibility thinning safe.

Drivers are free to worry about the flooding that often occurs during the rainy season. Ford All-New EcoSport was designed with distance from the car to the ground (ground clearance) of 200 mm and the ability to hit a puddle of water (water wading) to a depth of 550 mm. Potholes or puddles no longer be a barrier.

To maintain the security of the driver for driving the Ford All-New EcoSport is equipped with Hill Launch Assist is available on AT transmission. Traffic on the way uphill car will not slide backward when the driver's foot to move from brake pedal to the gas. This feature is able to defy gravity for a few seconds. To improve security, the All-New Ford EcoSport is also equipped with dual airbags.

One more important for urban people is comfort during the trip. Big city synonymous with traffic jams and road conditions that create stress that the car cabin to be really comfortable. Therefore the Ford All-New EcoSport is equipped with a sunroof, air conditioning systems are smart and seat that can be adjusted with the posture so that the view to the street in front of so obvious.

Urban SUV is also capable of carrying five passengers and the full circumstances. Even the trunk can accommodate a washing machine which has a capacity of approximately 7 kg washing .. Utilization small as a storage space in the cabin as well as intelligent. For example, storage drawer at the bottom of the seat and the side door. On the front there is a cooler drawer that can hold cold drinks to enjoy during the trip.

Ford All-New EcoSport is available in several types, MT Ambiente, Trend MT, AT Trend, Titanium and Titanium AT MT with varying prices. (Source: Advertorial Detikoto on Monday, 12/01/2014)

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