Monday, December 15, 2014

Honda Tiger Modification With Minor Fighter Vintage Style Concept

RealAutoTips. There are many kinds of motorcycle modification that develop to make the motorcycle look more stylist and artistic. When you want to take the modification of your Honda Tiger, you can look this Honda Tiger modification image that we hope will give you more inspiration when you want to build your Honda Tiger modification With Minor Fighter Vintage Style Concept.

In this modification that Honda Tiger look very stump because the back part of this motorcycle is cut fully like the image or figure 1 until figure 8 below:

Modification Data:

  1. Rear Tire : Metzeler 190/55-17
  2. Front Shock : Upside down variation
  3. Handgrip : Baros
  4. Exhaust : Custom
Source: Figure or Image from : 

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