Thursday, December 4, 2014

How to Overcome the Seepage of Oil in the Engine Block Honda CBR150R

RealAutoTips. - Have you ever come across an oil seepage at the engine block as a large bolt out of the manhole cover magnet on Honda CBR150R motorcycle CBU models? Is the oil not to drip but only seepage alone? how to overcome them. In here we will show you How to Overcome the Seepage of Oil in the Engine Block Honda CBR150R.

Figure 1. Engine Block Honda CBR150R (Source:DetikOto)

If it does not drip seepage I think still reasonable, for sure try cleaned first part looks wet and wipe and dry, then drive the motor as usual and check whether there is seepage again in that section.

Usually if there is a black mark was due to the evaporation of the machine that causes the parts such as wet, but it is normal. But if anyone should immediately do the oil droplets in the examination you trust AHASS Workshop. (Source: DetikOto, Monday, 17/11/2014)

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