Saturday, December 27, 2014

Tips on How to Detect Abnormal Engine for Modern Vespa and Piaggio Engine using Scanner Motorscan 5059 Wide

RealAutoTips. - There are three kinds cause of abnormal engine as like fire, fuel and other factors. Includes ignition coil, spark plugs and spark plug wires. As for fuel, throttle body, injectors dirty, gas station. The last of the socket wiring.

For fuel, no throttle body, dirty injectors and pumps. Can take the example when watering the plants, if the faucet is opened fully but there is a leak in the hose or spray clogged, the water that came out also not maximal. It should be no replacement parts.

If all is considered safe but abnormal engine still persist, chain of sockets and cable lines. Troubled cable makes baseball stable electric current. Remember well, the injection depends on the stability of the electric current.

For Modern Piaggio and Vespa it is easy to use tool Motorscan 5059 Wide. Therefore, all Italian motorcycle ignition definitely wear Magnety Marelli (MM), without MM will not be read by the device. And here's how to operate according otomotifnet portal for this tools as follow:

Figure 1. Scanner Motorscan 5059 Wide 

  1. The tools used in this way like in figure 1 above, in addition to ignition and ECU, ignition system and the power plugs, electrical power storage battery, engine temperature, throttle position can also be known.
  2. How to pair was easy, just plug into the battery for power Motorscan, while the other one, to the socket to the ignition Magnety Marelli (MM).
  3. All data is immediately listed as key contacts in On. So all that concerns the crashed machine can be spotted.
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