Monday, December 22, 2014

Tips on How to Drive Safely with Older Children

RealAutoTips. - Driving with children require special tricks to keep them safe and comfortable on the way. It is happen when we want to take the holiday to some place with our children using our car with driving our self. So, we know that driving with the child, the child is potentially facing a variety of problems, especially when crying, whining, or other problems that called attention to us.

Figure 1. Driving with Children Illustration (Source: DetikOto)

According DetikOto as quoted by RealAutoTips on Sunday, 12/21/2014 said that Tips On How To Safe Driving with older children given by consultants and research institutes based auto industry in the United States, consumer Report, should be listened to.

Here are some tips to  Drive Safely with Older Children as follow:

1. Prepare the needs of children

Before leaving, think first of what will be needed during the trip. Start of diapers, snacks, soft drinks, milk, toys, until a change of clothes.

2. Monitor through the rearview mirror

Do not occasionally reprimand or greet a child by way of turning. If you want to talk to them to do with their Noting the rearview mirror, but do not linger because you have to focus on the road.

3. Place the food or objects are within easy reach

Needs of children, be it food, drinks, toys, or anything that will be needed during the journey in place and within easy reach.

4. Distract the child to entertainment devices or toys

Highly recommended to play the entertainment device in your car so that children feel calm and focus on the entertainment. In addition to the toys they like, you can turn on the CD player, video, or other

5. Immediately pull over if the situation can not be controlled

If a child whining and feeling frustrated because you are considered no notice, you should immediately honor. Response who what needed, and immediately calm.

6. Do not Call

Do not occasionally call while you are driving. In addition to giving an example that is not good, by calling you mean attract children to reach for the phone and bothering you. Difficult situation was likely to occur.

7. Make sure children using seat belts

In addition to avoiding them move uncontrollably, also make sure they will be safe in the event of shocks.

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