Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Tips on How to Keep the Car Paint Remain Durable

RealAutoTips. - We think there are not any people whom want their car paint not durable. It is because car paint will make the car look pretty and can sold with high price again. So, in here we must keep our car paint from some thing that can injure it. 

Figure 1. Hyundai Car Paint

In here we will give you several tips on how to Keep the Car Paint Remain Durable easily.

  1. Do not Park our Car in the Open. As much as possible try to avoid parking in the open which makes the car directly facing the sun and rain. Do rinsing the car with clean water after the rain.
  2. Do not use the body car cover using pure parachute. Do not use gloves or cover cars that are made from pure parachute. Look for a car cover that blends parachute material and rubber. In addition, make sure the car is clean and dry, when they want to shut down. This is to avoid the appearance of mold or spots.
  3. Avoid from dropping of birds. The enemy is the third car paint droppings of birds and bats. This often we experience when the car is parked in the open. If the car to contact with bat droppings, or bird, immediately rinse with clean water. Because the animal droppings have a high acidity content that can break the car paint. Do it once every 3-4 months polishing the vehicle body.
Source: DetikOto, Tuesday, 9/12/2014

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