Saturday, December 6, 2014

Tips on How to Maintenance Car Air Conditioner in 3 Parts Guide

RealAutoTips. - Air Conditioner that abbreviated with AC is the most important part in car to make our arrive with car to be most pleasant. So, we must always maintenance our car AC to get the best result in its work. 

Figure 1. Car AC Illustration (Source:

There are three parts in AC that must get maintenance regularly as like cabin filter, receiver dryer and expansion valve. Cabin filter serves to filter dirt on the blower motor to the evaporator. receiver dryer the dryer at the same duty to filter the water content in the installation of air conditioning hose. 

And expansion valve guarding fogging system freon into the evaporator so that the cooling process must also be considered. This part is important to remember if it breaks, then the air conditioner becomes cold. The third replacement part is guaranteed to optimize the AC car back in top condition. So, please check your AC in specialist AC repairing and maintenance place in your city to make your car AC always work best. (

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