Monday, December 22, 2014

Tips on Simple Ways to Make Nice Stay Car Paint

RealAutoTips. Do you want your car paint always nice and more durable now? Please follow simple tips below easily.

Figure 1. Car Wash (Source: DetikOto)

According detikoto as quoted by RealAutoTips on Monday, 22/12/2014 said that There are five SIMPLE steps you can do to protect car paint. Anything? Here are the details:

1. Parking in a cool place

Avoid parked in an open space with direct sun exposure. You see, exposure to ultraviolet rays in sunlight can accelerate the car paint dull. Especially when you are in coastal areas or near the coast where the air contains elements of salt.

2. Fast clean the droppings of birds and bats

The two animal dung has a chemical element that is able to deconstruct the paint. Therefore, avoid parking in materials trees or parking spaces are often a breeding ground for birds

3. Immediately wash exposed automobile gasoline and brake fluid

Fuel such as gasoline, which contains damaging the paint. Likewise with brake fluid, if both the substance of the car paint to clean or rinse immediately with clean water.

4. Wash your car properly

Use detergent or soap to wash the car should be avoided. Therefore, both have bleaching agents that can cause fast car paint dull. In fact, soap containing ingredients derived from palm oil can make the car paint opaque.

5. Carefully wipe or using foam washers

Although the size is very small, but the dust particles of rock or other solid object attached to cloth or foam car wash could hurt the paint so scratched. Make sure both are absolutely clean before use.

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