Monday, January 19, 2015

5 Hottest Car Deals to Begin a Frigid Winter 2015

RealAutoTips. - Do you looking for hottest car deal to begin a frigid winter 2015 now? In here Jason Notte give you information about 5 Hottest Car Deals to Begin a Frigid Winter 2015 like information below.

Figure 1. 2015 Chevrolet Malibu LS (Source:Autos Yahoo)

Waiting until Presidents Day to buy a new vehicle? Good luck at Black Friday II. There's no real “best time” to buy a car, but a holiday sale that everyone near a television, radio or local news site knows about definitely isn't it. Some experts, including those at Lifehacker argue that the best time to get out there is in September and October, when new models are just coming in and dealers are in a rush to get old models off the floors and lots.

The truth is that any time the weather takes a turn for the gray, miserable worst and the dealerships are empty is the best time to make a deal. That's especially true from now until about mid-February, when the first income tax refunds start trickling in and everybody starts heading to the lots flush with cash.

There are deals out there for folks in the northern states willing to brave some of the bleakest weeks on the calendar. We consulted with the folks at auto pricing site TrueCar and found five vehicles worth checking out this winter:

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