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Brake Booster Function, Construction, and Ways of Working

RealAutoTips. - Maybe you now know with brake booster in a car. If you know this brake booster maybe this article will remember you again but if you still confuse with this brake booster it will give you more information about Brake Booster Function, Construction, and Ways of Working.

Brake Booster Function

Booster's function to multiply (2 to 4 times) power presses the pedal, so that a greater braking power can be obtained. For example, when the brake pedal is pressed with a force of 40 kg, this style is magnified by the pedal lever to 200 kg to suppress booster. Suppose the amount of vacuum in the booster is 500 mm.Hg, force the output is 410 kg.

Brake Booster Construction

  1. The inside of the booster is connected to a vacuum pump (diesel) or the intake manifold (petrol) through the check valve.
  2. Check valve functions as a one-way valve that only allows the air flow from the booster to the vacuum pump.
  3. Booster Space is divided into two parts, namely the constant pressure chamber and the variable pressure chamber.
  4. In the control valve mechanism, there are water valve and vacuum valve.
  5. Valve operating rod connected to the brake pedal.
Brake Booster Ways of Working

A. When the brake pedal is pressed yet

Water valve attracted to the right by water valve return spring meeting the control valve so that closed, and the outside air is not can enter into a variable pressure chamber. Vacuum valve open
causing a vacuum the constant and variable pressure chamber. Piston pushed to the right by a spring

B. When the brake pedal is pressed

Operating valve push rod water valve and control valve, causing vacuum valve is closed and the water valve open. This causes outside air into the variable pressure chamber. The pressure difference between the variable and constant pressure chamber causes the piston.

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