Thursday, January 8, 2015

Cute MPV Honda N-Box Appear more Beautiful in Tokyo Auto Salon 2015

RealAutoTips. - Tokyo Auto Salon 2015 show one variant of cute Multi Purpose Vehicle (MPV) made Honda Motors Company, N-Box. The latest version of the 660 cc engine car look even more beautiful with a few changes. And in Japan, the family car N-BOX Slash was priced from 1.38 million yen.

Figure 1. Cute MPV Honda N-Box (Source: DetikOto)

Changes to the exterior and the interior, making the Honda N-Box more beautiful. Changes to the exterior visible on the grille and bumper are using the new design. Changes in this section also includes the addition of LED fog lights are now draped black color.

While changes in the interior looks for the presence of a new navigation device. The device has become a standard feature since last September. The sweetness of the interior view is also reinforced by the instrument panel uses a new design that looks more fashionable.

Honda Motors Company as the Japanese manufacturer claims to have made improvements while still maintaining the old-generation machines. The presence of the turbocharger device that complements naturally aspirated 660 cc engine that makes the engine more fuel efficient up to 0.5 km / liter. 

In Tokyo Auto Salon 2015, Honda offers the latest version of the N-Box with 11 color options. Color offered have character cheerful, warm, and natural to taste buyer.

Source: DdetikOto (Thursday, 08/01/2015)

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